Love is Created by Two People

I’ve been one to have many doubts about love. 

For valid reasons, I’m a skeptic; three generations of divorce and deceit, a heart that has been taped back together too many times, and being used like a gas station bathroom in the middle of Nevada. 

I was thinking about love today and what it really means to me. 

I want a baby I can already feel the love that I have the ability to give a child. The warmth and pure beauty of holding something that my body had created in my arms. 

Then it hit me. 

A baby in which I had CREATED. Something/Someone that I brought to this World. 

We, naturally as humans, Create. We write, think, perceive, dance, sing, speak.


So what if love is a creation?

A Creation that takes two individuals to create over a lifetime.

A creation that takes effort, A creation that needs revisions, A creation that requires certain skills, A creation that makes you happy, A creation that makes you sad, A creation that brings you comfort and a place in this vast universe. 

A creation that requires two people; when it is put on the shoulders of one it falls apart. When the creation can’t seem to come together and it becomes time to let go and create something new, something better.

Love is a Creation. 

Go Create, but remember not all creations are masterpieces. Make sure to know when yours isn’t right for you and when you need to put more effort into it. 

A painting didn’t come together without a paintbrush, canvas, and the will for the painter to pick up the brush and begin the creation. 


In general I feel Independent, but on Days Like This..

It’s the days like this where I really feel the need for someone else in my life. For a true love of sorts. Someone to hold me when I’ve had a stressful day and break down. The days that make me feel as though I don’t want to be apart of a crumbling world with demons everywhere at every turn. I need someone to love me; be a tie to the Earth and make me want to breathe again. Someone to grab me before I jump, hold me in their arms, sitting in silence. our minds speak as they quiet my sobs and let me know that everything is going to be ok and this is not the end. I am not alone.