Why Do People Get So Worked Up About Things?

This ponderous question happened as I finished watching Movie 43, A hilarious comedy that had me shorting and rolling on the floor laughing.

Also, It got a 4.4/10 on IMDB.and a 2.3/10 on rotten tomatoes.  

It has really made me question, seriously, why do people get so worked up about things? Especially hollywood things. I mean come on, most of these kids haven’t finished high school and are out there getting paid to portray a character in front of a camera. It’s not Stephen Hawking. Why do we have to step so carefully around our world? 

Especially sex and nudity, why do people freak their shit when they see a naked woman or a penis? It’s apart of the human body. It’s a birthday present. I just don’t get it, like most of us have sex in our lifetime and enjoy bodies and all the weird functions of them. Bodies are beautiful. Why must the only “right” time to have nudity be when it’s portrayed in a Holocaust or Titanic type movie? Why is it so “disgusting” to have it in a Scary Movie or Movie 43 type movie? We can make fun of our bodies as well as admire them, it’s ok!

I don’t know about you, but I love a good roast. Especially when it’s me. I love to make fun of myself, I really don’t take my life very seriously, and I cannot be around people who do. Life is made to be twisted, turned, and shat on. 

Laugh at the little things! Enjoy moments! Those are the things your going to take away from this world. Yes there is a time to be deep and psychological, but there is also a time to be silly and enjoy the fact that we are tiny little things in a big world. 

I personally LOVED Movie 43 and have added to my list of favorites. If you can’t take poop, sex, race, or funny jokes I wouldn’t recommend this movie or this blog for you. 

Enjoy your life guys, stop worrying. Take it easy and enjoy the ride.

Oh, Sunday


the day consists, for most of us, of football, family, chores, big dinners, and last minute homework. I’ve always had a love hate relationship with sundays. hate em because they mean Monday is right around the corner and loved them because they always seem to be the day of the week where I get the most done and feel the most refreshed. 

But unfortunately, Monday is still around the corner. It’s good I’ve got a cute outfit for tomorrow to get me through the day. 

Life is a runway, strut. 

One of the best things I learned from my modeling career. I adore my friends, but I hate having to tell them over & over again as they introduce me as “Oh, this is my model friend Shay! I know she’s so tall.” guys, I don’t model anymore, that’s done ad yes I’m tall, but that doesn’t limit my career choices to modeling or acting. I was watching an episode of What Not To Wear today and something interesting happened. One of the poorly dressed souls they were helping to look their best almost backed out of the show! It made me think about clothes and what they say about us.

Do we simply dress to impress? I, being a lover of fashion and makeup, prefer to think of style or fashion as both an art and a way to emphasize our best features to attract charming and fulfilling people into our lives. the woman had a right to want to express herself through her clothes, but one has to realize that when people meet you they instinctively* judge outer appearance in an instant. Yes it is the inside that counts, but the outer appearance is a gateway to the inside of a person, maybe a bit like pot is the gateway to cocaine… too soon? 

When you get ready in the morning always feel like yourself in the presentation, but remember that you are dressing to attract the kind of people that you want in your life 🙂 

wow this post went all over the place.

~ Shay