Missing Someone hurts, but It Hurts Even More When You Didn’t Have A Chance To Say Goodbye.


Promises forgotten

Words left up in the air

You never told me our time was up

We just faded out

A candle left running in an empty room

Light extinguishes, darkness engulfs the space that you left

I’ve bent and shaped other pieces, No one fits as you did

You knew things

You took them away with you

And now here I am

Walking behind you along this path

Holding the thing that tore us apart

Do I dare catch up

And say hello


Do I turn around


I stop, others pass me.

I watch you fade out

Not a single look back

I know you know I’m here

But you don’t dare turn around

Goodbye would have been easier

Hello should’ve been avoided

But this is life and each person, each memory is lesson.

So I’m saying it,

I’m saying it to the past that was

the present that is

and the future that could have been

I am turning around, walking away.

And when you follow me

And you will, because at a time I knew your every move

I will turn around

I will hold out my hand and shake your with a smile

Then turn and leave you standing to watch me fade out.

Goodbye my friend.


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