Sink or Swim

All it takes is seeing a post on Facebook, a simple word, a simple thought to get me stuck.
It’s all fine and dandy and then…
I’m sinking and I can’t move or process.
All I can do is cry and sleep.
My head pounds as my body sinks farther and farther into the deep.
It swallows my lungs.
My breathing is labored and uneasy.
And then I realize it’s only water and I am a child,
Sinking into the deep waters of the pool.
All I need to do is surface.
And sometimes it’s hard to use the energy to surface.
You feel like it’s better to give up and sink to the bottom,
but what about the wondrous night sky, the warm summer night, and the refreshing breath.
It doesn’t matter if no one is there waiting for you to get out of the pool.
Being alone may look scary
but when you surface
and take your first breath
look up to the night sky
and decide what you love
what you want
and how you can get that
It makes it worth the energy to swim to the surface.
Surface, not for anybody else, for you.


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