16 Exclusive Perks Of Being A Teenager Around The Mid-2000s

This brought back memories of dissing my friends by taking them off my MySpace top 8.

Thought Catalog

Some of these benefited you then, others are doing so now, either way, they’re great perks of being a teen during that particular 2003-2007 stretch.

1. You could get in a physical fight and lose without worrying about the whooping being put on World Star or Vine the next day. Sure, people retelling the story of you getting beat up sucks, but people watching and sharing the actual footage of said ass kicking for an eternity online is significantly worse.

2. Every school dance played Get Low by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, which often led to incredibly scandalous teenage behavior, which was ideal at the time. The dance floor suddenly went from PG to TV-MA to the window, to the walls, and you know the rest so I’ll stop (oh!) then wiggle with it.


3. Your selfie-taking skills are at a certified expert level because…

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