Were All Connected, Let’s Start Acting That Way

It’s so crazy and actually startling and dizzying to think that every person you meet has someone they love, someone they miss, and something they love to do.

I love those relationships that are fast paced and happen at 4 am bearing your soul to a complete stranger. There’s a certain buzz that you get, like you could live in that moment forever talking about mindless things and feeling that calm of someone you will probably never see again knowing all the intimate details of your life.

I feel like our daily interactions with people need to be more like those 4 am conversations. Why are we so scared of social interaction? What makes us put on that fake smile and give those fake short words? Why don’t we just talk to people anymore?

I’m not talking about your best friend or your boyfriend. I’m taking about that stranger sitting alone eating lunch or the checkout lady at the grocery store. I went shopping with my grandma a few weeks ago and she knew all of the ladies who worked there and they knew her. She introduced me as her granddaughter and I watched as their faces lighted up and they said “oh! I’ve heard so much about you.” What happened to these kind of relationships? These casual interactions that make us all feel connected.

Instead of staring at your phone when your uncomfortable or on your own, try to look around and watch people and SEE the magnificent world that we live in. make connections with strangers. I’ve found that the best of friends are made in random situations. Remember that every relationship starts with two strangers.


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