In Medio

I’m not going to lie. 

There are good days.

And there are bad days.

Then sometimes,

There’s inbetween days

Fight away the dark 

Force the light;

And it just makes me so tired.

Too tired to eat. 

Too tired to sleep. 

Too tired to do makeup.


Or Homework.

Too tired to check messages

The weather

Or the oven

Remaining motionless

Every piece on guard

Don’t touch

Every touch a knife 

Get away

Have to do this alone


War Inside 



Why I Want to Be a Young Mother

There’s only so much pain a heart can take

before the broken vessels sow themselves up with wrenching memories

and cold nights

and sadness

the heart seems to lag contrary to a passionate roar.

there’s only so much pain a heat can take

before it closes its door to everything

holds on to the few perks of delight it has left

perfects that cold smile

devoid of all light

I want to be able to love my children

with every bit of my heart

I never want to be a broken mother

introducing a child into a broken world

I want them to feel love

I want them to feel

as many have lost the ability to.

thats why I want to be a young mother.




Winter is when life sort of dies for a moment.

Everything gets quiet.

Some people cannot withstand the silence so they break out and scream and yell, distract themselves from the cool air seeping into their souls. 

Others embrace the cold quiet and let it in. 

Let themselves feel death for a moment. Sadness rushes in with flurries of rain frozen in time, opening up to show the beauty within entirely exposed. 

Sadness is beauty. 

It’s makes you feel and remember passion.

Spring comes and new ideals and ways fill what has died off. 

Death is a form of creation.

23 Reasonable Things Every Person Should Resolve To Do In The New Year

Thought Catalog

1. Not only focus on the inherently positive things that warrant gratitude but also the difficult things that were crucial for getting you to where you are now. Failure and loss are almost always pivotal redirects.

2. Stop annihilating yourself for having some self doubt, an off day, a not-so-picture-perfect past or uncertainty about what you want your future to look like. You don’t have to have it together all the time. You don’t always have to understand yourself, and nobody should expect you to, least of all yourself.

3. Take notes on your life. If you take a second to write down the little, otherwise insignificant things in your day that made you happy or upset you, especially if you seldom care to admit that they affected you, you’ll notice some pretty telling patterns about yourself.

4. Understand that the opposite of love is indifference. Re-evaluate your relationships with that…

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