Why Do People Get So Worked Up About Things?

This ponderous question happened as I finished watching Movie 43, A hilarious comedy that had me shorting and rolling on the floor laughing.

Also, It got a 4.4/10 on IMDB.and a 2.3/10 on rotten tomatoes.  

It has really made me question, seriously, why do people get so worked up about things? Especially hollywood things. I mean come on, most of these kids haven’t finished high school and are out there getting paid to portray a character in front of a camera. It’s not Stephen Hawking. Why do we have to step so carefully around our world? 

Especially sex and nudity, why do people freak their shit when they see a naked woman or a penis? It’s apart of the human body. It’s a birthday present. I just don’t get it, like most of us have sex in our lifetime and enjoy bodies and all the weird functions of them. Bodies are beautiful. Why must the only “right” time to have nudity be when it’s portrayed in a Holocaust or Titanic type movie? Why is it so “disgusting” to have it in a Scary Movie or Movie 43 type movie? We can make fun of our bodies as well as admire them, it’s ok!

I don’t know about you, but I love a good roast. Especially when it’s me. I love to make fun of myself, I really don’t take my life very seriously, and I cannot be around people who do. Life is made to be twisted, turned, and shat on. 

Laugh at the little things! Enjoy moments! Those are the things your going to take away from this world. Yes there is a time to be deep and psychological, but there is also a time to be silly and enjoy the fact that we are tiny little things in a big world. 

I personally LOVED Movie 43 and have added to my list of favorites. If you can’t take poop, sex, race, or funny jokes I wouldn’t recommend this movie or this blog for you. 

Enjoy your life guys, stop worrying. Take it easy and enjoy the ride.


20 Things I’ve Learned In 20 Years

Great advice 🙂

Thought Catalog

1. Finding things you love doing is a very special process. You have always known in theory that there are people out there who like doing this particular thing and actually make a living out of it but sometimes it’s hard to make that thing your own. I have often seen people shy away from things because it hasn’t ever been “their thing.” Writing was that for me. It was never “my thing” until I made it so. It is okay to make things your best friend loved or older sister loved as “your” thing. They don’t have a claim over it. (Of course this is different from plagiarizing. NEVER PLAGIARIZE OR YOU’LL GET PREGNANT AND DIE!! Mean Girls references will never get old. Never.)

2. Waking up early is the best thing ever. (Granted you get enough sleep.) There is no feeling like listening to the morning birds chirp…

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Daily Prompt: Learning Styles

Now, there is something we really need to address and change in our nations schools, the balance of teaching and learning.

I was talking today to my aunt Kendra who has raised two magnificent well-behaved boys. I asked her how they were doing in school and she told me how Ethan, 9, was having some learning difficulties.

“He’s always spacing and not paying attention to the teacher” she explained. It brought me to thinking about when I was in 1st grade, how I too was very spacy and was told so by a teacher who claimed I had ADD and anorexia. Both were untrue she was just a nutcase.

Looking at my school and how kids’ are organized: the AP kids, the Honors kids, the regular kids, and the lower level learning kids, but what if that’s the wrong way to organize kids in school? What if we classified them more like this: kids who learn by reading and listening, kids who learn by demonstration, kids who learn by writing, kids who learn by doing, or kids who learn by a mentor. Couldn’t that work? 

Looking at my situation, I learn by writing and doing. When a teacher tries to demonstrate something to me and expects me to listen, I attempt to focus, but my curious mind wanders into dreaming about zombies, aliens, romance and the meaning of life itself. I can’t help it. The teachers whose classes I do well in, teach by having us take notes or work with them to solve problems and answer questions. More one on one and somewhat intimate with us in the classroom. They befriend us. The teachers whose classes I do poorly in teach by reading over a powerpoint or a section in our textbooks and drawing on a whiteboard. They usually teach us as though were significantly underneath them and as though we were 5th graders. 

This fault in our learning systems needs to be addressed. I’ve seen so many kids, with so much potential, that are simply doing poorly, because they aren’t being taught in the way they were born to learn.

It is not learning how to learn it is teaching kids in the way they were born to learn. I learn differently than both of my parents, this is not a genetic thing. I learn differently than friends that I grew up with, this is not a trait learned from peers. This is the way my brain was developed to accept things and analyze information.

Something I Think Many of Us have Forgotten how Much We Enjoy…

I read an article on Thought Catalogue and there was one bulletpoint that I just had to stop. My Imagination bubbled with a tea shoppe in France and an antique clock on the wall. Here’s the quote.. 

“2. Savoring time to do nothing. Taking a cue from pre-industrialized society and cultures that enjoy siestas and long, drawn-out, sit-down teas that serve no other purpose than to spend time enjoying the time you have.” 

This is something a lot of us have forgotten how to do and even how relaxing it can be, we are a society who constantly checks our phones whenever we have time we have forgotten how to sit quietly, maybe outside if weather permits, drink tea or coffee and just.. BE. 

I believe that it is important to have this daily, just a moment for your mind and body to relax. Not thinking about what you’ve got to do later today, or next week, or next year. Not letting your mind overthink situations and conversations that are in the past, but living in the moment and simply enjoying the small things in life. 

Read the article that inspired this here: